Hold your dream, Climb the Future


Climbing is an inborn talent of every child! JUST CLIMB cultivates the young generation and make sport climbing become their motivation and life-long interest.

Characteristics of Kid and Youth Climbing Course:
– With adequate care and guidance, every child could be a future climbing star.
– Just Climb has developed its own unique 8 climbing grading curriculum designed by professional and experienced climbers.
– The course goes from easy to difficult with a high degree of openness to guarantee that every young climber is on the right track to become an extraordinary climber!

Benefit of Climbing


Love adventure? Enjoy challenges? Try climbing with us today.

A trial class allows children to explore different aspect of climbing.
Our team of coaches will help parents better understand the lesson arrangement and content, discovering each child’s condition and climbing potential.

The instructor will explain the basic introductory> Climbing session> Parents debriefing

$280/class 50 minutes

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Regular Course

Every kid is born to be a CLIMBER!


The curriculum of our kid course, which includes 8 judging levels, is specially composed and designed by our qualified climbing athlete Your children will be able to improve coordination, builds self-esteem and confidence, develop problem-solving skills, etc along the journey of climbing. As climbing is also a group activity which children can team sport which enhances their teamwork spirit.

  • Course Characteristics
  • Course Fee
  • 入學包

Coach-Student ratio 1:6

Examination assessment being employed semi-annually; Certificate will be presented

Climbing performance will be reported in 5 levels; each level will be scored according to different climbing standards and appointed actions

Students will be separated into small class group so as to ensure the quality of the class. (Age groups: Aged 4-6, Aged 7-11, Aged 12-16)


Video recording will be conduct once a month to record students’ climbing and learning process

The equipment used in the course is recognized by UIAA or CE

Admission package contents:

  • Bag

  • Just Climb members T-shirt?

  • Climbing shoes

  • Chalk bag

  • Chalk

The price of the admission package varies according to the climbing shoes

JC Elite Team

Be a professional climber!


JUST CLIMB elite team aims to develop and nurture new climbing star. Our coach will customize training programs according to the athlete’s specific mental and physical conditions. Elite team members will receive special training and have the opportunity to represent JUST CLIMB to participate in future climbing competitions.

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Selection Criteria

 Team selection is conducted every half year (or through examination/ competition. Prospective candidate referred by coach will compete in Ranking Game)

Ranking Game is held every half year

First five winning candidates of every age group will be invited

Training Course

8 Lessons/ Month

Training Programme Includes

Tailored-made training for specific technique enhancement

Mental training

Muscular strength and endurance training

In-depth study of IFSC rules

Competition strategies planning

Sharing from Hong Kong Climbing Team members

Festive Event

Every day is a good climbing day!

JUST CLIMB organizes festive events on special holidays, such as Easter, Christmas, and Summer. Children can utilize their time while spending a lively and energetic holiday! We’ll keep you posted on Facebook and our official website.