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Price List

Come join the JUST CLIMB family!

At JUST CLIMB, you will fall in love with rock climbing as soon as you try it, and don’t worry about no one to teach you!

Full Day Climbing

*Students: under 22 years old and hold a valid full-time student ID
◆ Subject to the relevant terms and conditions of JUST CLIMB

12 years old or above
Those with experience climbing $278

Student* $248

No appointment required
There is an additional charge for renting climbing shoes

Novice bouldering class|Suitable for inexperienced climbers


50-minute teaching|Full-time climbing after class

Shared Climbing

10 times package


An average of $236 per sheet
3 months validity

20-time package


An average of $213 per sheet
6 months validity

Both Gyms can use

40-time package


An average of $198 per sheet
9 months validity

Monthly Fee

Suitable for experienced climbers



$598 /月

Both gyms can use
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Rock climbing shoes & powder bag

$50 each time

Rock climbing shoes $40
Powder bag $30