Level One Climbing Coach Certificate course


JUST CLIMB「Level One Climbing Coach Certificate course」

How to become an indoor climbing cocah?
If you’re interested in climbing and want to teach children or teenagers the necessary skills and attitudes
The “Level One Climbing Coach Certificate course” is perfect for you!

In this course, not only will you learn teaching theory,
but also demonstrate classroom procedures and case studies together as a group!
You don’t have to worry about how to handle any situation!

This is a rare opportunity!
Opportunity stays for those who are prepared!

You can play and train to become an instructor, there’s nothing to worry about!
Those who perform well have the opportunity to be hired by JUST CLIMB as a full-time/part-time climbing cocah !

Course Detail

Teaching Theory Class : 5,6 DEC (MON,TUE)
Climbing Skills Class : 7-9 DEC (WED-FRI)
Exam day:11 DEC (SUN)
Register Now : https://justclimb.hk/icccc2022/

Course Introduction

– Teaching Theory and Teaching Techniques
– Falling Skill Instruction
– Bouldering H.C.F. Route Breakdown
– Climbing Equipment Usage and Protection Skills
– Advanced Climbing Techniques Instruction

Course Fee

HK $4800

*Original price HK $5800

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