Privacy Policy

JUST CLIMB values the personal data of every customer. This policy statement sets out the purpose and use of any personal data collected or provided. Regulations protect the privacy of individuals by setting the requirements of data collection, storing, processing, and use. Any personal data and identities related to customers that are collected or recorded by JUST CLIMB will be subject to such regulation.

Personal information will be used for communication purposes to provide information about JUST CLIMB’s products and services that may be of interest.

JUST CLIMB will stop using the personal data for promotion, improvement or follow up tasks  if you require us to cease using your data for related purposes. The data will not be transferred to anyone

If you would like to access and/or change your information or request us to stop using your data for direct marketing purposes, please email to:

info@justclimb.hk or call 24163668 or write to JUST CLIMB Climbing Gym, Shop G09, Paradise Mall, Hong Kong Island