Venue and Facilities


  • 佔地5,000尺
  • 6面攀石牆,超過100條V0-V10線路
  • 抱石及頂繩攀登體驗(只適用於小孩)
  • 指力訓練板及其他訓練器材
  • 迷你攀石用品展櫃

JUST CLIMB Academy|San Po Kong

  • 佔地3,000尺
  • 香港第一間兒童攀石學校
  • 提供私人班、香港抱石聯賽、網上店舖等等 為每位學生和家長提供服務
  • 其攀石牆的設計是為每位兒童特別訂製的


  • 佔地4,000尺
  • 第一間在北區的JUST CLIMB
  • 提供私人班
  • 為各間學校/企業公司提供組織團隊活動的服務


  • 佔地4,000尺
  • 香港首間24/7攀石場,開放24小時,設有人面識別進場


  • 佔地3,000尺
  • 香港首間24/7攀石場,開放24小時,設有人面識別進場

JUST CLIMB Academy|Tseung Kwan O

  • 學生專用攀石場
  • 專業教練在場教授攀石技巧


  • 長洲包山王獨家設計6米高Fun Wall抱石牆體驗
  • 設有全港首個商場兒童及青少年攀石牆及恆常班



Changing Room


Shower Facilities (San Po Kong only)


Free Lockers and Shoe Cabinets


Snacks and Drinks Area


Free Wi-Fi


Free Phone Charging


Air Conditioner

Climbing Supplies Retail Area

位於杏花新城店的攀石用品零售專區附設試身室,獨家代理國際知名攀石裝備品牌Kailas及Black Diamond,貨品種類齊全,為顧客提供一站式的攀石用品零售服務。

Black Diamond

Since its establishment in 1957, Black Diamond has become an international brand spanning three continents. Black Diamond has not only served mountaineers, climbers, and skiers, but also represented our persistence in the spirit, values, and goals of sports, from the past to the present and into the future!

Mad Rock

Founded in 2002, Mad Rock’s goal is to provide the most precise design and advanced materials at an affordable price. Compared with the past, its quality, durability, and reputation among climbers have become increasingly popular and gained public attention. Mad Rock’s mission is to provide consumers with the best equipment and customer service, and to make the best products at a reasonable price, so that everyone can enjoy the fun of climbing.

Friendly Foot

Friendly Foot is currently the highest quality and most effective shoe deodorizer on the market. It uses natural mineral ingredients to balance the pH value in shoes and inhibit bacterial growth. Mixed with four types of organic essential oils, Friendly Foot also provides functions such as antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and preservative. After using Friendly Foot, you can say goodbye to smelly shoes!


JTree ointment is an organic, odorless skin treatment ointment that effectively treats skin that has been torn or become painful due to excessive climbing, as well as all types of abrasions and cuts. JTree ointment is made from a blend of fresh organic herbal plant essential oils, which can nourish damaged skin and promote healing without softening the calluses produced by the body for self-protection.


The retractable brush designed by PAMO JAPAN is sturdy and lightweight. The brush head can be adjusted easily from vertical to horizontal and every angle in between, as well as the length of the handle, making it easier for you to prepare hand and foot holds on the line. Made in Japan!


SCARPA climbing shoes are carefully designed and manufactured according to different climbing types. Whether you are a pioneering climber, bouldering enthusiast, or mountaineer, you can find a shoe that suits your style in SCARPA. SCARPA’s most advanced and precise shoe-making technology comes from the rich experiences gained by climbers around the world on different climbing routes!

Tokyo Power Industries

Tokyo Powder, made in Japan, was developed by professional route setters and is widely used by top climbers around the world. Tokyo Powder has always been committed to product quality, using organic and high-purity ingredients in production, and working to reduce environmental damage during outdoor climbing.

Bouldering and Top Rope Climbing

Just Climb provides training courses for those who are passionate about sport climbing, including bouldering and top rope climbing (only applicable to the San Po Kong JUST CLIMB).
At Just Climb, you can fully experience the fun of bouldering and top rope climbing (only applicable to the San Po Kong JUST CLIMB) because we are experts in rock climbing.